Students Support

wing testimonies of the Survivors

Despite perpetrators plan concerning total annihilation of the Tutsis during the darkest year of 1994, they also added that they are in light time in which people do approach them, commemorate and share with them what they have which brighten their future expectations. Speaking on behalf of Nyamata Executive Secretary, Jean Jacques Rwamuhaya, the officer in charge of education in that sector, thanked UR which annually commemorates with them. “Provision of this kind support really contributes to transformation of Genocide survivors’ life.” He said.

In line with the University of Rwanda graduates attributes, students and staff said that such an act has been held annually for they are wholeheartedly privileged to take part in the development of the country by supporting Genocide survivors whom they undoubtedly prove that they are in need of all Rwandans’ help .Dr. Gasheja Faustin, the acting principal of College of Business and Economics said that commemoration ought to go hand in hand with the act of assisting survivors who even lost their parents, children or/and partners during 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Dr. Faustin Gasheja and Students pose for a Group Photo with one Family in Nyamata

Dr. Gasheja also reminded students not only to support the Genocide survivors during the commemoration week but also perpetually to think and support them regularly.  “We don’t have to wait for commemoration week to do such a lovable act. We ought to always visit them because they are in need.” Dr. Gasheja stressed.


Story by Daniel Dushimumuremyi (Student in UR School of Journalism)

Published by: UR Communication team