Your home away from home !

We give a warm welcome to new students and they feel valued as they meet new friends and faculties. It is the place where students matter, the place which they call their second home. The view of the University campuses say it all, the environment and supportive staffs, from 6 Colleges up to 10 campuses, all you need is to make a choice. We offer you various choices deemed to fit what you want to do and who you want to become, a place where you discover your potential, talent, yourself !
We will always be your home away from home ! Your lifetime at the University Colleges/Campuses will provide you with one of the most memorable experiences that will guide you along your life journey. Besides, we help students to meet with important people by giving them the opportunity to attend functions that eventually open their horizons and shape their prospective career. Other academic forums like summer schools, helps students to create beneficial bonds with other students all around the world.

Several facilities are recommended for students :
• The University avail a wireless access to all students in all Colleges and Campuses
• University of Rwanda avail students canteen with a variety of meal
• Each student can access a Student Handbook outlining the campus policies and procedures.
• Our Libraries offers a variety of electronic, digital and print resources with a view to help students expand their knowledge.
• Weekend events like Cultural parties are organized to help students meet and replenish after a long week of classes. This also makes students be integrated in the University life by meeting new people which gives them an opportunity to learn more about the local culture.

We look forward to receiving you, we are your home away from home !


Our Staff

Cyumulinga Marie Claire
Administration and Finance officer
Gashayija Gloriose
Scholarship officer
Dr. Umuhoza K. Noella Josiane
Ag. Director of the CPGS